GIS Mapping

Using ARC GIS Mapping as a management tool

ARC GIS Mapping Service Assists Our Clients in Land Purchase and Management Decisions

As the old saying goes, a picture (or map) is worth a thousand words. Using GIS technology along with GPS field mapping, Buyers and Sellers can easily see and recognize geographic features on properties. With this reliable and detailed information in hand this can assist Buyer’s and Seller’s in making informed property management decisions.

  • Author? Maps with multiple layers and interact with data by generating reports to help Buyer’s and Seller’s make more informed decisions.
  • With ARC GIS mapping software property perimeter acreage can be estimated along with delineating out acreages for different property features such as: timber stands, open fields, water features, road features, hydrology, topography, soil features, buildings and other improvements
  • Use GPS in real time in the field with ARC GIS to georeference property features.
  • Transfer property metes and bounds legal descriptions to georeference maps.
  • Large data base of high-resolution georeference orthophotography aerials.
  • Contract custom orthophotography aerials with local flying services for updated mapping.
  • Create custom maps for marketing information packages.
  • Use ARC GIS to create property division maps for dividing property and subdividing with sub-meter GPS.