Hunting Land Value

Hunting Recreational Land Value

The vast abundance of timber and farm land in Alabama combined with a mild climate and diverse wildlife habitat is host to some of the highest populations of wildlife in the nation.

Wildlife such as whitetail deer, eastern wild turkey, water fowl, upland birds, small game and excellent fresh water fishing combined with one of the longest hunting seasons and one of the most generous bag limits in the nation translates into a $2.7 billion dollar recreational hunting and fishing industry for Alabama.

Land owners that do not wish to take advantage of the hunting recreation value of their property themselves can lease the hunting rights for additional income. Due to the great demand for hunting land to lease, hunting leases alone can generate a return in excess of 1% annually, usually more than enough to pay the owner’s property taxes . This revenue reduces the carrying cost of the land and with a well-structured hunting lease can help preserve and enhance the property’s recreational value.

When you purchase a hunting recreation property you make not only a monetary investment in a piece of land, you are also obtaining ownership of a piece of the outdoors where you can spend time with friends and family. We all have the opportunity to make more money but the limited time we spend with friends and family creating memories on our own land is priceless. Finding the right property that achieves the goals of clients sometimes takes time. It is an important decision and an undertaking that I am fully committed to for the long haul and I will work with clients until we find the ideal property.